Spa review: Feel Well Retreat (Dubai)

Relaxation Roomcof

We really do love uncovering hidden gems, and there are few things more secret when it comes to wellness in Dubai, than the newly opened spa at the Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre.

DHTC has long been a healing haven located in the middle of nowhere (read: somewhere beyond Za’beel), but recently reopened in a new avatar as a true wellness destination, going beyond offering a range of holistic practitioners to now being home to a new gluten-free restaurant (yes, we’ve tried it, and yes – it is amazing!) and luxurious spa, all housed in a revamped, enlarged swanky space. Sleek clean lines – almost Scandi-inspired in its minimalism – dominate the design, with splashes of green in the form of soothing art and furnishings adding a natural touch.

In spite of the remodel, this remains, however a wellness centre at heart, so the treatments are more geared towards healing than simply indulging – so, fewer frills, but a sharper focus on the quality of the treatments. The therapies, in line with the spa’s name, are targeted at ‘feeling’ – i.e: ‘Feel relaxed’; ‘Feel energized’; ‘Feel young’ (facial); ‘Feel tension dissolve’ and so on. The last one, in particular is a must for anyone looking for stress relief (and who isn’t?!), as I found out during my 90-minute session. While the massage incorporates deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, stretching, and other energetic techniques, each treatment is tailored, so I had my therapist knead away at my troubled muscles, and ease out tension and aches I didn’t know I had, expertly – she really went above and beyond.
I left slightly wobbly-kneed (always a good sign when it comes to the spa!), which a restorative cup of herbal tea and a light snack of nuts in the relaxation room overlooking the Burj Khalifa helped with, allowing me to walk out feeling a lot more realigned with myself.
Yes, this spa is a hidden gem in more ways than one – not just for its excellent treatments, but for some stellar views too, which not many others can boast of!


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