News: Switching off at the spa


The  Mandarin Oriental hotel group has introduced a new Digital Detox initiative across all its spas. It starts with handing over your phone when you enter the spa (we always did leave our phone in the lockers when going to the spa though, what’s the point otherwise?), but doesn’t end there – they’ve developed an array of offerings to encourage mindfulness, in conjunction with The Mayo Clinic, that guests can reap the benefits of. The relaxation rooms are equipped with tools for mindfulness promoting activities, such as journaling, note card writing, colouring, and meditation, while the spa boutiques also offer things like crystals, meditation pillows and a selection of calming teas and oils designed to encourage achieving a bit more balance in this perma-connected world. You’ll also end up leaving armed with tips and hints on achieving mindfulness.

Plus, they’ve introduced a Digital Detox Retreat, an 80-minute treatment that involves an aromatic bath, and massage focusing on the eyes, head, neck, and so on, to help relieve digital lifestyle-induced stress. And they’ll be celebrating the holiday season with a Silent Night event on December 14, as a reminder of the importance of silence from all the digital noise.

Move over detoxification therapies, it’s all about the digital detox these days!



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