How to: Luxe up your flight


It is undoubtedly nice to be able to fly in the front of the plane, but let’s face it, we can’t ALL fly in premium class ALL the time. While the most important thing for me, bar none, is the space/flat-beds you get in Business or First, the rest of the perks – such as the in-flight amenity kit – help make long flights a bit more comfortable too. And while there’s not much we can do about the space, there’s one thing I always do to help bring a touch of the business class into my economy flight.

I pack my own in-flight amenity kit. It’s so simple. Taking inspiration from what a (good) airline would offer, my in-flight survival kit contains the essentials such as a luxe sleep mask and comfy socks; plus a face cream, hand cream or moisturiser, lip balm, eye cream, facial spritz, mouth wash, and perfume. I also keep a mini dental kit and face towel handy, but only ever need to use it on longer flights.

In travel-sized bottles, they all fit into one compact pouch that I just keep ready to throw into my carry-on whenever I’m packing, along with my cashmere scarf and book – the three things I never get on a plane without. The important thing to remember here is to only use quality brands that you’d normally use, and use them liberally throughout the flight. Your parched skin will be grateful for each slather of moisturiser in the dehydrated cabins. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to carry everything in a cute pouch too, to make a style statement up in the air!

Plus, another handy accessory I’ve started carrying, inspired by the Etihad Business Class offering, is a pair of light-duty hotel slippers – they’re so much easier to slip flight-swollen feet in and out of on long haul flights, than shoes!



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