Spa Review: Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont the Palm Dubai

This luxury resort screams beach holiday the minute you enter, so even if it’s just to go to the spa, you’ll find yourself relaxing when you get there. The spa is a contemporary haven featuring clean lines and a soothing earthy colour scheme. If anything, I found the space erring on the side of being too minimalist – an issue with a lot of venues in this hotel I’ve found, where it feels like not enough has been done to liven up the bare sandstone-coloured building. But, it felt welcoming enough.

The wet facilities are impressive – whether it’s different kinds of showers that offer different experiences with water temperature, light, sound and aromatherapy, or the plunge pool, beyond the usual steam and sauna offerings of course.

The treatment menu list is comprehensive, offering everything from facials and massages to signature scrubs and hammam therapies, most of them themed around energies. I opted for the Pure Ener-g signature treatment, a 90-minute fest of scrubbing, massaging, and wrapping, using their own-brand Willow Stream Ener-g products.The treatment starts with a ritualistic foot bath, after which I was given a body scrub using remineralising sea salts and essential oils of bergamot and clary sage. The scrub sloughed off my long-neglected skin to leave it feeling refreshed, helped along by the uplifting fragrance. Next came my favourite bit, the massage, in which my therapist kneaded away at my tension-knotted muscles. I was already well relaxed by then, but the icing on the cake (and yes, I usually do prefer the actual cake to the icing most of the time!) was a body wrap, to hydrate and nourish the skin.

How guests are treated after a treatment is completed is often a good benchmark of the quality of a spa – whether they are hurried out, or allowed to relax for as long as they like. I lost track of time in the cosy relaxation room, where, splashes of turquoise brighten up the tranquil space, with my cup of herbal tea, fruit platter and magazine. But I was left to linger on as long as I wanted! Thoughtful little touches such as the fruits and nuts on hand in the relaxation lounge, and cosy throws around the beige sofas made all the difference (the body temperature drops when relaxed, and it is common to feel a bit peckish).

I walked out of the spa feeling utterly relaxed, and my skin felt soft and nourished. The ultimate spa test is usually in how you sleep that night, and I had the most undisturbed and refreshing sleep I’d had in weeks, so I daresay the treatment did what it said on the tin.

Call  +971-4-457 3545


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